Work with us

Work with us


So you want to teach Yoga and Pilates in Byron Bay? We are excited! At Space Foundation we love our tight knit community of Heart Centred go getters. Send us an email and include the following:

  • Tell us about your Strong Vinyasa/ Yin/Pilates practice and teaching style incorporating pranayama; philosophy; & Awesome adjusting skills;
  • Outline your Strong following online/ ability to bring students to the studio;
  • Let us know about your sales skills and how you create lasting relationships with you students;
  • Impeccable work ethic- are you on time and professional?
  • Multi-modality- We try to block our classes to pay you more- let us know about Yoga & pilates!
  • All the Legal things: You need first aid; cpr and Public liability insurance. Please send these in as an attachment (with current dates).
  • Are you Community minded- practicing at the studio at least 2 x per week outside of your own classes and supporting other teachers. 

Next steps:

  1. Come to some classes at the studio and make sure it is somewhere you would like to practice yourself- you can get the new student intro deal for $49.
  2. Give me a private practice 20/30minutes sometime- I can be super busy running the studio and I have another business so before or after one of my classes is usually good;
  3. We can chat from there. 

Thanks for contacting me, and please stay in touch via Instagram; Facebook or join our mailing list here.Exchanges

  • Cleaner: Clean the studio 1 x per week on Saturdays for 1.5 hours in exchange for a pass. Minimum 6 month commitment.
  • Secret Shopper: 2 x Secret shopping visits per month to the studio (1 x yoga and 1 x pilates) with a 30 minutes conversation afterwards to discuss your experience. Exchange is a monthly membership.
  • Social Media: Do you have some online skills? Send us an email about social media work (7 hours per month) in exchange for a monthly pass.