They say town planners aren’t sexy (its mostly architects that say that:)- as most people probably don’t what the hell we are! (until you need us)). BUT we do help hook you up-

When you are doing a development (for gods sake don’t let the development do you- it ain’t pretty my friend), you need some stuff for the basic function of the development (plus its required by the law).


  • Road Access
  • A lawful point of discharge for the site storm water runoff
  • A point of discharge for the sites sewer reticulation
  • Access to potable water supply; &
  • Access to Electrical and Communications services.

You also need to consider this other stuff from the  realms of the Engineer ( also considered to be sexier than a town planner-marginally):


  • Flood & Storm water management;
  • Site Grading and allotment earthworks;
  • Integration of Public open Space.

For Urban Infill- this stuff is usually straightforward and your average geeky town planner can confirm it all for you- but its best to check-it-out….. for larger developments, or greenfields developments – it is likely your Urban Planner will engage a somewhat sexier engineer….

Til I’m looking at ya,

geek and girlRochelle