We have all heard the saying buyer beware when it comes to real estate and buying property! In this case- it means MAKE SURE YOU’VE GOT THE RIGHT DEVELOPMENT APPROVAL.

if ya don’t – sooner or later- development compliance officers will come a knockin’ and you will receive a letter from your local government!!!

So if you are the lucky recipient of a Show Cause Notice from your local Development Compliance Team- Here’s what ya do to put things right:

  1. Email me: the site address and the current use of the site.
  2. Wait by your inbox- within 24 hours I’ll confirm if you need to obtain a Development Approval or not.
  3. Thanks the GODS- you have actually just been saved. If you are operating a business, or if there is some kind of disaster- you may have had an ethical and financial nightmare on your hands.

Keep doing your thang!

We’ve got your back:)