New Friends

Hi, welcome to Space Foundation!

We are looking forward to getting to know you better. Here is some important information for you to get to used to the Studio:

  1. You don’t need to have any prior experience. A basic fitness level is that is required. Show up to the Studio 15 minutes before your first class so you can meet the teacher and we can show you around. Just wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in; and bring a water bottle. We provide mats and all props and equipment; but if you prefer you can bring your own.
  2. You will need to let us know if you have any injuries or are pregnant. You can do this buy filling out our waiver in the studio and please speak to the teacher. The teacher always asks at the beginning of class.
  3. You can leave your personal belongings in the drawers in the foyer; or by your mat. Please leave shoes outside and switch off mobile phones.
  4. Please do not come in if another class hasn’t finished.
  5. You can prepay and register by visiting Mindbody here; and also view the current timetable here.