It’s official- Women are allowed out of the kitchen- and Dads are allowed to stay at home (just in case you missed it). We are no longer defined by Gender- Stereotypes as to what we can/can’t or should/shouldn’t do.

When it comes to development and town planning things have remained a little more simple and a lot less emotive.

If you want to develop a site- you need to define what it is you are going to do.

You can find usage definitions within a planning scheme (Queensland) or a Local Environmental Plan (New South Wales).

If you live on the GC- Take a squiz here 👈

If you are in Byron Shire- this is your Dictionary  👌

As in life some things are easily definable, and some things fall under multiple definitions. Some things are a little more complex and you might need  help to understand how to define your development.

That is where your friendly town planner comes in handy- email us here with your qu’s and we will send you an A!

Keep changing the Game!