Space Foundation | CLASSES
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Foundations for Life- whatever your thing.

We want you to live your best life! And the best way we have found is to incorporate a daily movement practice that combines focused breathing techniques with some hard hitting core and cardio.  

First timer- or movement addict- we promise to change your perspective and challenge the beliefs you hold about what you are really capable of doing in your life. Each Space foundation class is designed to give you the opportunity to optimise your wellbeing- emotionally; phsyically and mentally- whilst keeping you safe so that you can continue to practice for life.

Each class is described below so you know what you are getting yourself into!


Space Mat Pilates

Pilates is a movement therapy used to improve physical strength, develop flexibility, improve posture, and enhance mental awareness. Pilates is all about control of the body, developing core strength and assisting with injuries/postural imbalances. A regular Pilates class will take place on a mat and may include the introduction of props such as balls or resistance bands. Pilates is suitable for all levels, from beginners to the more advanced.

*Focus & Jane Fonda moves included*

Space Barre

Barre is a strong, fast-paced, and energetic fusion class, designed to make you feel the burn! Think epic playlists; and smiling through gritted teeth as you feel your booty burning.  The class is super-fun, and an all over body workout. Barre can promote weight loss and increased fitness, while creating lean, long muscles, without ‘bulking’. Barre is not for the Pilates beginner, and we therefore suggest you start first with one of our regular Pilates classes.

*Booty Burn + endorphin high included*


Space Glow

Power Vinyasa

Stretch; Sweat; strengthen and stabilise in our strongest yoga class. Match breath with movement – unlocking blockages and creating space. Explore new possibilities in all areas of your physical practice- vibe up with chaturangas for days; creative sequencing and of course inversion prep work +time to fly.  You’ll work hard for your Savasana and you’ll walk be walking on sunshine. This one is suitable for intermediate to advanced.

*Transformation included*

Sweet Space –Heart-Centred Vinyasa Flow –

Flow with presence through creative and light-hearted sequences that challenge you. Great for all levels. Sweat is optional but highly likely!

*Heart opening guaranteed*

Soul Space – Yin Yoga 

Yin is all about letting go – the yin attitude towards the asana practice is to maintain a state of relaxation, to never strain or force the body into a position and you will notice that poses will be held for much longer than in a Vinyasa class. (usually between 3-5 minutes). Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an easy class! Great for all levels and especially great if you find slowing down a challenge.

*Miracle moments included*

Our yoga classes are designed for all levels, all the time. All of our classes offer you modern mindfulness through breath and movement and each style has a unique touch.

  • How are we different to other yoga classes you’ve tried?
  • We love music with our movement, we don’t mind if you come in a little late and there is n0 judgment on whether you can touch your toes or where you’ve rolled in from (be it the surf or Jonson Street). We just wanna see your smile and feel good!

Our teachers are trained in Vinyasa (vin-yah-sah) yoga, and you can trace our lineage of teachers back to the father of modern yoga, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. In Vinyasa, we connect each movement with the breath, and the classes are known for their fluid-like sequencing (or ‘flow’). At Space Foundation you may notice some elements of Ashtanga yoga, but no two Vinyasa classes are the same.