Apply, Build, Grow


Town Planning Advice including what can be built on your site, how much it will cost to get an approval, timeframes, possible political considerations.


DA in five days??? Don’t believe us? Certain development types are fast tracked in some local government areas.

Prelodgement Meetings & Reports

Want some peace of mind before forking out a truckload of cash? We can help you organise a pre-lodgement meeting where you can discuss your proposal with council officers before lodging a DA.


Constrained Site (thats planner speak for a site with some issues – think flooding/slope/road access/ car parking/proximate to the airport/vegetation)… We can advise on qualified consultants, and provide project management to minimise the overwhelm.

Show Cause

Received a notice saying that your ‘Use’ is not permitted/ you don’t have the right approval/that you need a DA? Don’t freak out- we can help!

Letter Confirming

Self-Assessability Status

Some Development types don’t need an approval! Yay! But its always good to have this confirmed, we can walk you through this process.

Post Approval Advice

Got A DA? Not sure what happens next? Not happy with a condition? Let us help you navigate the word-heavy Decision notice councils typically issue.

Changes to

Bought a site with an existing approval? Or need to change something post approval- let us help you sail through the change to approval process.