Our teachers are trained in Vinyasa (vin-yah-sah) and you can trace our lineage of teachers back to the father of modern yoga, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya.

In Vinyasa, we connect each movement with the breath, and the classes are known for their fluid-like sequencing (or ‘flow’).

At Space Foundation, you may notice some elements of Ashtanga yoga, but no two Vinyasa classes are the same. Vinyasa yoga is suitable for all levels, from beginners to the advanced.

Pilates is a movement therapy used to improve physical strength, develop flexibility, improve posture, and enhance mental awareness. Pilates is all about control of the body, developing core strength and assisting with injuries/postural imbalances.

A regular Pilates class will take place on a mat and may include the introduction of props such as balls or resistance bands. Pilates is suitable for all levels, from beginners to the more advanced.

Barre is a strong, fast-paced, and energetic Pilates class, designed to get your heart pumping! The class is a lot of fun, and will work several muscle groups.

Barre can promote weight loss and increased fitness, while creating lean, long muscles, without ‘bulking’. You will feel absolutely invigorated after one of our unique Barre classes.

Barre is not for the Pilates beginner, and we therefore suggest you start first with one of our regular Pilates classes.

An evolution from the basics through a creative flow to some of the more challenging master poses, including arm balances, inversions, backbends and deeper variations.

Suitable for Level 2 Students and Above.
Prenatal yoga is a safe and gentle practice, great for all mamas-to-be to help maintain health and wellbeing during pregnancy while connecting with women in her community.
Classes incorporate some strength and endurance work in preparation for birth as well as relaxation, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra.
Suitable for women in their second trimester onwards

Yin Yoga is not a new practice, but rather an old practice with a new name. The complete art of Yin encompasses postures of stillness for promoting growth, clearing energetic blockages, and enhancing circulation.

The Yin method or attitude towards the asana practice is to maintain a state of relaxation, to never strain or force the body into a position and you will notice that poses will be held for much longer than in a Vinyasa class.

The Acroyoga Foundations class combines the dynamic spectacle of acrobatics, the awareness, breath and balance of yoga and the healing, loving nature of touch .
The acrobatic side takes trust, focus and determination while the therapeutic side encourages opening, listening and letting go. The class will involve pranayama for energising the nadis, a fusion of circus and vinyasa warmup, hardcore conditioning for acro strength, skill based duo and group acrobalancing foundations, partner yin and massage. Oh and a lot of laughter and play!

Our studio offers Vinyasa Yoga; Yin Yoga, Mat Pilates and Barre. We are dedicated to providing a safe learning environment in our contemporary studio, with a variety of classes to accomodate the complete beginner, through to the advanced practitioner in all modalities.


Single community class.

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