About Us

Born and raised on the South Coast of NSW, from an early age I realised the importance of the built and natural environments we live in.

I have studied and worked in Urban Planning for the last ten years to be a part of the positive solution, and to look for opportunities that create built environments that foster health, are sustainable and inspire humans to be the best version of themselves they can be!

You should know:

  • I love a good flow chart
  • I break things down into bite size pieces that you can relate to

The FOUNDATION of our service delivery

We only work on jobs when we know we can deliver the results requested. We will get as much information from you as we can before we begin to determine the certainty of approval. If we do not obtain an approval we will refund your consulting fees in FULL. (we have never been unsuccessful). In instances where the work is ADVICE only, we will provide a full explanation of the scope of works upfront, and if we fail to deliver just one section of the scope of works – your monies will be refunded in FULL. Full STOP.


“I’m an entrepreneur, a mother and passionate about helping people achieve their dreams”

Recent Projects


265 Beaudesert Nerang Road
Reconfiguration of a Lot
(Freehold Subdivision)


7 Cherub Street
Material Change of Use
(Dual Occupancy) Risksmart


44 Fifth Avenue
Material Change of Use
(Dual Occupancy)


Acupuncture Centre
Letter confirming eligibility
of Self-Assessable Status