Space Foundation is a collective of Yoga, Pilates and Barre teachers and practitioners in the heart of Byron Bay. Located at the Southern end of Jonson Street, Space Foundation offers Vinyasa Yoga; Yin Yoga, Mat Pilates and Barre. Our teachers are passionate about the breath the body and create classes that are designed to suit all levels.


Mother dancer yogini pilates-lover surfer friend and philosopher, ‘Shelly’ believes that by moving the body we harness the potency of the breath and maximise our potential both for growth and contentment. Shelly has a 200 hour Vinyasa (level 1); 300 hour Vinyasa (Level 2); Thai Massage and a Pilates Mat from Essence of Living on the Gold Coast where she has been a diligent and passionate student of Michelle and Clare Merrifield for 7 years.

She has taught across a range of students and styles at Essence of Living-everything from beginner to advanced to corporate to community classes to privates to gym to festivals (Including Burning Man in the USA). She is part way through a 300 hour level 2 from Alanna Kaivalya in NYC, with a focus on philosophy and functional movement and has been a student of Mysore whilst living in Byron Bay.

Yoga is a not only a process for Shelly to “do the work”, it is a way to be of service to her community. She has a strong desire the “be the change you want to see” through karma yoga- being of service and works at Council in the Community Development team being a voice for vulnerable groups in the community, and delivering community events.

Yuka arrived in Australia, learning to adapt to an entirely different culture, language and way of relating with others.
She felt isolated and lost and turned to yoga following an invite from her friend to attend a class. The class inspired Yuka to learn more and develop her practice further.
She enrolled in teacher training at the studio where she practiced and finally felt she was walking the right path.
Yuka attributes yoga to supporting her through her transition after moving to Australia. Her practice supported her emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually.
This is evident in her Grace and the way she interacts with others.
Yuka’s wish is to share these powerful experiences with you and support you to develop your own practice, gaining flexibility and strength on and off the mat.
Yuka has finished a Pilates and Barre  Course recently. Pilates builds strength in your body to support and prevent you from injury. It will help your yoga practice or any other sport.

Amanda found the magic and benefits of yoga in her mid 20’s as a way to connect the body, mind and soul, an mostly to face her anxiety.

As a devoted practitioner, the love and commitment to the teachings of Yoga had transform all aspects of her life. 

Her experience comes from her inner journey of self discovering and she is a truly believer of the quote: “Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self” as as a way to find clarity within the distortions of the mind.

Born and raised in Brasil she has been living the past 5 years in Australia where she recognises home and concluded her 200 TT Certificate.

With a big smile, she will be willing to share all she knows and her passion for the practise!Teaching from the heart 😉 plus a blend of Vinyasa and Ashtanga in a fun, strong and graceful style.

Her dynamic movements will connect the body and breathe to help you remain present, centre the mind, develop strength, focus and balance.

Life is a gift, full of purpose, motivation and inspiration!

Alison has been teaching yoga and meditation for 8 years, and been practicing since she first picked up a yoga book when I was 17. There was no hocus-pocus to it…. The focus, the breathing, the  mentality, the philosophy, the spirituality and the lifestyle simply made sense.

“Yoga has taken me on incredible journeys, teaching and studying in the United States, London, France and South America, but more importantly my inner journey of constant self discovery and inquiry has by far been the most exciting! Yoga has taken me on incredible journeys, teaching and studying in the United States, London, France and South America, but more importantly my inner journey of constant self discovery and inquiry has by far been the most exciting! I’ve added to my mix mat Pilates and Barre, helping to strengthen my teaching and practice and currently teach workshops on energy clearing, emotional healing and yoga nidra! I love what I get to do for my job! It’s pure joy x”

Ash has been teaching yoga for over 15 years all over the world including 10 years in India.

She teaches from the heart in a fun-loving way. “Yoga is my passion, and I love to share the knowledge that I have learned along the way”.

Ash brings her own flavour to the practice of Yin Yoga, all while drawing on her wealth of knowledge which has been founded in years of experience and practice in Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga as well as Pranayama.

Stacie is a certified yoga,pilates,barre teacher and Royal Academy Of Dance classical ballet trained.
Stacie`s love for movement bagan at the age of four as a student in many different styles of dance.
Stacie`s love for movement guided her towards her yoga and pilates path and has been a student since 1999 studying in many trainings and workshops in Australia,Bali and India including the ancient teachings of Swami Sivananda.
She has been teaching in Australia and Bali over the past five years.
Stacie believes yoga,pilates and dance create a beautiful balance of physical and mental well being,self discovery,expression and inner peace.She now wishes to share her knowledge with others and guide them on their own inner journey through yoga,pilates and dance.

Growing up in Byron Bay, Caterina started practicing yoga when she was 14 years old with her mum.

Since then her practice has lived through many incarnations, eventually settling into a deep love and appreciation for the freedom and creativity of vinyasa.

In 2012 Cat completed her first teacher training. Since then, her classes have sought to  inspire, uplift, and be fun, whilst maintaining a strong focus on intelligent alignment and mindfulness.

Nothing is more satisfying to Cat than seeing the shift in her students as they drop into their bodies and find a sense of presence and home in their bodies. She is a firm believer in the healing power of yoga as a means to release trauma and stress from our bodies so as to to live life on purpose.

Hayley’s teaching is a balance between a traditional practice and an individual style. Her classes are a blend of dynamic flows and Ashtanga holds, mirroring her personality: playful, open-minded and yet supportive and calm.

Strong, flowing and sprinkled with tradition, each class offers a slice of philosophy and may incorporate mantra, pranayama and simple meditation. She hopes to facilitate a place for her students to explore softness and strength, stillness and movement, finding both sthira and sukha through navigating the journey of the breath.

Growing up in Byron Bay, she was introduced to yoga and alternative practices at an early age. This continued as she travelled the world, practicing yoga in most continents and absorbing the knowledge and wisdom of international yoga and meditation teachers. She eventually completed her first 200 TT certificate in India. Since then, she has assisted teacher trainings, attended workshops and finds herself devoted to studying all things yoga.

Stacey Moxham has been teaching Pilates and Barre for 4 years, having completed her certification through Essence of Living in 2014, she has been teaching ever since.

Having also completed her Yoga teacher training certification here, Stacey quickly delved into a more conscious and spiritual lifestyle, which has found her living on a 12 acre property just outside of Byron Bay, where she enjoys gardening and connecting to nature.

Currently her path has her immersed in the teaching’s of women’s wisdom and wild woman ways. You can find her on Instagram @staceymoxham and @womanandwild.

“Erin is a natural and creative teacher bringing you over 2000 hours of knowledge + experience in subtle anatomy + energy healing. She is intuitive, open + caring, guiding you to unravel in a supportive environment. Her training in Vinyasa yoga, yin, colour therapy + reiki combine to create a beautiful energy in her presence.”


Erin is a seeker, fired by curiosity about the human body, the body-mind connection, and optimal performance. In her search Erin has been drawn down many paths of formal and practical education, from ground-breaking physiological research to ancient spiritual wisdom, and everything in between. She has qualified in Bachelors of Exercise Science and Education as well as completing advanced training in Yoga, Pilates, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation and Myofascial Release. This gives Erin a unique depth and breadth of knowledge, enabling her to fluently blend biomechanical principles with an effortless teaching style to share her passion for holistic human movement.

Kimberley is a lover of barefoot walks, sunrises, nature, the moon, yoga, meditation, dancing, & the ocean. From a young age, she was always drawn to movement, immersing herself in dancing, sports aerobics and gymnastics. She values the power of movement…”it is through movement that we find our freedom; move your body, free you mind and heart.”

The teachings of Kimberley are raw, powerful and sharply intuitive. Join her for a fluid, dynamic, playful and lighthearted practice, rich with smiles and laughter. Kimberley’s rhythmic, carefully crafted classes will coax you out of your mind & into the wisdom of the body. Kimberley is deeply inspired to share with her community, particularly her passion for movement in all forms, whether it is Vinyasa Flow, or Barre – she believes each practice is a moving meditation and is a profound tool for healing and cultivating a deep sense of peace in mind, body and spirit.

Whether you meet Kimberley on the mat or at the Barre, her classes offer you space to journey from the inside out, connect body and breath, heal through movement, ignite your energy and ultimately evoke freedom.


Lana grew up on Western Australia’s beaches. Her yoga classes are strong and open for you to be intuitive to your needs. Lana started teaching after training at Essence of Living, which nourished her roots and expanded her knowledge.