So what is this #barre thing all about babe?

Our Senior Pilates & Barre teacher @staceymoxham gives us the low down:

Barre classes are a fusion of Pilates and ballet style moves, with a pinch of yoga, and dance like choreography sequences that match each breath and movement with the beat of the music. A fun but also challenging workout, each class is designed to tone, strengthen and lengthen your entire body, and is bound to get the heart pumping and the booty burning.

The class begins with a standing warm up routine, followed by the barre, and ending with core work on the floor. Whilst each class follows this structure, you’ll find that no two classes are the same and that each class is uniquely sequenced. Frequently incorporating hand weights, chi ball, and resistance bands, along with your own body weight, you’ll often perform tiny, precise, isometric movements, but with many reps, targeting multiple muscle groups at once.

Though barre is a great workout on its own, it is also the perfect accompaniment to many other workout routines and practices. For example if you are a regular yoga practitioner, barre perfectly complements yoga by helping to improve range of motion, posture, core strength and flexibility.

Great for both men and women, as with any exercise in order to see results you need to put the time and effort in. If possible, just 3 times a week will help bring about a noticeable change, and as barre is not only about physique, but also a perfect way to build a stronger mind-body connection, you’ll be reaping the benefits all round.

So come along if you’re ready to try something fun and challenging, no dance experience is required, and leotards and leg warmers are optional!

See you at the barre!

XXX Stacey ❀❀❀